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 Thank you so much for such an INCREDIBLE experience at New Name. I can't stop thinking about how special the afternoon was. From the moment of walking through the door, we were met with undeniable hospitality and intentionality. I will 110% be recommending New Name is every person I know. It's an amazing opportunity to give to something meaningful while also not breaking the wedding budget. Thank you for helping me throughout the whole process!  I couldn't be more excited about the business and will no doubt be donating my dress back to New Name if it's still in good condition. 


Angela and the rest of the team were wonderful! I had such a great experience! The personalized sign when you walk into the boutique really makes you feel special. From the start of my appointment until saying "yes" to the dress, I could tell that the ladies really cared about me looking and feeling my best for my special day. They were very attentive and listened to my ideas. They also helped with shoes, veil, jewelry, other accessories, undergarments and everything else I needed! They were very professional, warm, friendly, and answered all of my questions. They even recommend places for alterations, cleaning & preservation. Angela was very knowledgeable about the styles, fabrics, etc. and the volunteers had such a positive attitude! I have already recommended you to another bride who is getting married this October, and will continue to tell others about you. In addition to finding "the one" (I cannot imagine getting married in anything else!), all of the proceeds go to a good cause, which is close to my heart and the perfect icing on the cake!! I thank God for Bridal Boutique by NewName. Continue doing great work!!


I had the best experience with this boutique! I was drawn to their salon because of their mission as 100% of the sales go to helping exploited and trafficked women. All staff are volunteers, and I had the wonderful experience of working with three kind, generous, and passionate ladies who really made the experience for me and the group I was with. It’s a really relaxed and pressure free atmosphere. I truly got the sense that they just wanted me to find my dream dress whether it was with them or elsewhere. With that being said, they had a great selection that they allowed myself and my party look at/choose from freely. I really can’t imagine a more perfect time!


We loved everything about our time at Bridal Boutique by New Name. We were welcomed in by a personalized sign and cared for by two amazing volunteers. The dresses were gorgeous. The experience was joyful. The ministry and cause is beautiful. And my daughter said yes to the dress! Thank you so much for a most wonderful experience all around!


Over the top thoughtful is the best way I can think to express how wonderful the ladies at New Name Bridal Boutique are. From personalized welcome signs to snacks, coffee and tea, to individual appointments ... They made me feel great about myself, made my guests feel comfortable, and didn't rush me one bit. These are truly special people who will work hard to make sure you have the right dress for you in your price range. 

Plus, their selection of dresses are unique, beautiful and affordable. I'm telling literally every single woman I know to put it on their list for the future!

- Mary 

I found my perfect dress here yesterday afternoon! It was my first time looking at dresses, and it was only the third dress I tried on! I couldn’t believe it! The boutique itself is absolutely lovely, and the atmosphere is very homey. They have an amazing selection, with an array of styles and sizes at affordable prices. The staff who helped us (Angela, and her daughter Stephanie) were both professional and friendly, and they made me feel comfortable throughout the entire appointment. Thanks to them, I had a wonderful experience dress shopping and found a gorgeous dress. Plus, the money goes towards such an amazing cause! If you are looking for a dress, especially if it’s your first time, I highly recommend New Name Bridal Boutique!  

- Jessica

I absolutely adore this place. I bought my wedding dress at the Bridal Boutique and the team that helped picked it out was so sweet and friendly. Not only are they amazing women of God but they really wanna make you feel special and beautiful plus if you purchase a dress here it helps support women who are at risk or have been trafficked. It is a very personal and unique bridal boutique. Don’t be to hung up on a specific dress and God might surprise you with something completely different, handpicked for your special wedding day.

- Jenny