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Not only will your dress bless a new bride, but 100% of the sale will help benefit exploited and trafficked women. Donated gowns in good condition are offered for sale to new brides seeking the perfect dress for their special day. Your past wedding gown could bless both a new bride and help empower women. Proceeds benefit New Name, which directly helps women transitioning into a new life.


Dresses that are up to 7 years old, belts, shoes, petticoats, veils, and bridal hair accessories are accepted. 

If your dress is in any keepsake box, please put it in a plastic or cloth garment bag.  It is greatly appreciated if you are able to clean your gown. You may be able to economize on cleaning costs by indicating you do not need preservation measures, and by requesting a discounted rate due to your plan of donating the gown to this cause. If arranging a cleaning is a challenge, you may simply include a check to cover the cleaning costs, which start at $50 for a wedding gown (checks can be made out to New Name).

All donated dresses will receive a tax benefit donation receipt.